Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack both premiere on Paramount+

Teen Wolf: The Movie is a sequel to the TV series Teen Wolf which ran for six seasons on MTV and concluded in 2017.

Wolf Pack is not a spinoff of Teen Wolf, but rather an adaptation from a book series.

Teen Wolf is a more ambitious leap into a supernatural soap-opera-flavored world filled with assorted supernatural creatures.

Teen Wolf: The Movie brings back most of the characters from the TV series, including the now-adult Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, and Tyler Hoechlin.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is produced by Jeff Davis and directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Wolf Pack is a young-adult series that combines a young-adult sensibility with more explicit scenes, language, and violence.

Wolf Pack follows two teens who are bitten during a raging California wildfire and experience unexpected side effects.

The show also features a small supporting role for Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is an executive producer on the show.

Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack both premiere January 26