Tech industry workers have been laid off from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet.

Fourth-quarter results for tech firms in the S&P are projected to post their steepest slide since 2016.

JPMorgan Chase's trading model shows seven of nine asset classes now show less than a 50% chance of a recession.

Americans' embrace of fuel-efficient vehicles and other climate-friendly initiatives has curbed gasoline demand, and it’s unlikely to ever rise again.

Tesla investors took Elon Musk to court, saying they lost money after he tweeted in 2018 about taking the EV maker private.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell throwing cold water on Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s push to use the threat of a catastrophic debt default to extract spending cuts from Democrats

While President Joe Biden maintains that negotiation on raising the debt limit is off the table.

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, the world’s biggest and most-traded exchange traded fund, is celebrating its 30th birthday.

Dennis Wilson, human coyote, explains how illegal immigrants are smuggled across the border from Mexico into the US each year.