Ozzy Osbourne Bows Out: The Prince of Darkness Announces Retirement from Touring

Ozzy Osbourne has officially announced his retirement from touring.

The singer has been struggling with health issues, including a major accident that damaged his spine.

Despite three operations and physical therapy, Osbourne's body remains weak and he is unable to fulfill the demands of touring.

The canceled U.K. tour was due to the physical toll of traveling from city to city and country to country.

Osbourne expresses his gratitude towards his fans, family, band, crew, and friends for their support throughout his career.

The news is a sad day for the rock and metal communities, as Osbourne is regarded as one of the scene's most iconic artists.

He is credited with bringing extreme bands and genres to the mainstream's attention.

Osbourne has been referred to as the "poster boy" for the metal genre.

Despite criticism for his ventures into mainstream media, Osbourne has exposed millions of people to heavy metal music.