Netflix's Outer Banks is releasing its third season this month.

The show follows a group of teens from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is divided into two social classes, the working class Pogues, and the wealthy Kooks.

Season two ends with the Pogues and Cleo narrowly escaping their enemies and landing on a deserted island.

A theory for season three is that Kiara and JJ might end up in a relationship.

Sarah Cameron's father, Ward Cameron, is a notorious villain in the show.

The trailer for season three left fans with more questions than answers.

The show was initially released in 2020 and gained a massive fanbase among Gen Z.

Outer Banks has elements of adventure, mystery, romance, and humor.

The show's success has led to more acting opportunities for its young cast.

The third season of Outer Banks drops on February 23 on Netflix.