In Mexico, every year on September 16th independence day is celebrated

The country comes to a standstill, with most of the population resting, the streets empty, and military aircraft flying over the capital.

The day they got the country's independence from Spain

On August 24, 1821, Spain withdrew and officially recognized Mexico as an independent country.

 That holiday occurs on September 16 each year, the anniversary of the Grito de Dolores

A speech and battle cry uttered by Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810 that inspired the movement that ultimately freed Mexico from Spanish rule.

Fireworks, parties (fiestas), food, dance and music on September 16 with flags, flowers and decorations in home are common sight

Sept. 16 may just be another day in the United States, but it signifies a 'moment of hope' for Mexico

Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, and Doroteo Arango are one of the most significant figures in the Mexican Revolution

The name Mexico is a Náhuatl term derived from the words metztli (moon), xictli (navel or center) and co (place). Mexico's name, therefore, means -- the place in the center of the Moon