Kim Kardashian, businesswoman and socialite, recently purchased a diamond-lined amethyst Attallah cross necklace at an auction at Sotheby's.

The necklace was previously owned by Princess Diana of Wales.

The necklace is considered one of Diana's more untraditional pieces of jewelry.

The purchase has sparked memes and commentary on social media.

It is seen as the latest example of the ongoing revolution of the British royal family's interactions with the press.

The purchase also reignites the discussions of Kardashian's relationship with the late Princess Diana

The necklace is also seen as a continuation of Kardashian's trend of buying iconic items previously owned by other celebrities

The Royal family members have not commented on the auction yet, but some anticipate that Harry might given his recent press appearances.

The necklace is now considered as one of Kardashian's iconic possessions and is expected to be worn in many events.