D'Arcy Carden talked about living with Jennifer Coolidge during the filming of the movie "Shotgun Wedding"

D'Arcy Carden said Jennifer is even funnier and smarter than people think

They lived in a big house on the beach in the Dominican Republic

Jennifer Coolidge is America's sweetheart and funny person

But in person, she likes to have deep conversations and not always be the center of attention

She is also very generous with her comedy and time

There are two types of funny people, ones who want to be the funniest and ones who get excited by other people's jokes

Jennifer is the latter, she likes to make others laugh

D'Arcy Carden also talked about her role in "Shotgun Wedding" and how she prepared for it by watching "Die Hard" movies

She also mentioned that she hopes for a second season of "A League of Their Own" and there is a social media campaign for it.