Hey there! I’m Yash Singh, Founder of BusinessWeekly.

Personal finance is the first step in managing your money. Yet most people struggle with managing their finances on a daily basis. To help you keep your eyes open towards income, expenses, budget, opportunities and investments, I created BusinessWeekly.

It is very important to read reliable information, so what makes us reliable? Unlike other blogs on the web, we have a team of finance & management experts. All the content on the website is created by people who have grown their portfolios into millions of dollars. And with BusinessWeekly, they’re ready to share their experiences so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did before achieving financial freedom in life.

BusinessWeekly seeks to educate millions of entrepreneurs around the world who are under financial pressure from their families and communities. Come and join the journey with many people like you who have achieved what you wanted or needed today.


Anyone can become wealthy.

It’s never too late/early.

Money is not a dirty subject.

Debt isn’t always bad.

An open mind leads to success.


I am an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by choice. I manage multiple websites, YouTube channels and offline businesses. Growing up in India as a child, I wanted to earn money from an early age.

The first thing I did was programming, which helped me build lots of websites and sell them for a higher price. I also wrote content for many high ranking websites back then. Creating new content has become a hobby that I can’t live without.

Once I found my hobby, I mixed it with my passion, which is working, managing, starting a business, and that’s how we have BusinessWeekly. So let’s make this site a bible for entrepreneurs, full of answers and questions that people can quickly understand. Hope you enjoy visiting us…

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Signing-Off, Yash Singh.