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What are Silver Certificates? 

Silver Certificates are dollar bills issued by the US government from 1878. They were a part of the paper currency that people could buy at face value with real silver. These certificates allowed investors to store silver without having to hold the metal itself. They were then discontinued in 1964...

8 Great ways to protect passwords online

Weak passwords are the potential reason why people get easily hacked in the 21st century. A simple password is the only thing that prevents hackers from invading your privacy and stealing sensitive data online. According to a study by Avast, about 83% of Americans use weak passwords for social...

What is Price Cutting?

Running a business is an endless process that requires multiple decisions which can make or break all the efforts in a matter of minutes. Lowering prices is one problem that most business owners have to deal with, especially in a highly competitive market. So what is price cutting? Price cutting...